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 Horsepaw :)

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PostSubject: Horsepaw :)   September 11th 2009, 8:45 pm

Name: Horsepaw
Species: Cat
Gender: Tom
Clan/Family (or none): IceClan, Family not available
Personality: Annoying, brattish, showy-offy apprentice, how tries to impress anyone. Very critical of the leader, Icestar, and thinks Dawnpelt is better, but not by much. Believes that the best cat to be leader is his father, Eagletalon, and that he should be his deputy.
Appearance: Larger than average Brown eyes, Brown fur with Black tip of tail and underbelly, white face
Rank: pathetic evil apprentice :apprentice (leader, stray, human child, etc.)
Picture: N/A (optional)

Sunstar, leader of SunClan.

idk man i give up
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PostSubject: Re: Horsepaw :)   September 16th 2009, 3:02 pm

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Horsepaw :)
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