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 Poem About A Girl Named Kathy

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PostSubject: Poem About A Girl Named Kathy   April 28th 2010, 7:32 pm

I called your house, but had to go
I'm on again, but you don't know
What sorrowed, sullied fact I sow
When my dear Kathy had to row

I ran to hide my fireside chat
But told it all for worth a bat
And now I'm wishing, wishing that,
And wond'ring where dear Kathy's at

Kathy, O Kathy, O where hast thou fled
Are you doing your UMPTYUMP upon your bed
Were you to another in minute one wed?
Kathy, O Kathy, I hope you're not dead

I 'member a moment ago that I wave
Was Kathy so dear as an old man to save?
Do clearly o'er chatting together we rave?
Kathy, did you go down into the grave?

I laughter a sorrow, what might we have here
That my Kathy O Kathy O Kathy, the deer
The scorpion doth she who's missing a cheer
Into my soul do we solemnly peer

And bravely do we tie our shoes ev'ry way
Admir'lingly so you would make a great bey
Would calleth you so of Shakespearé's lay
Reminding me of what happenéd today

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Poem About A Girl Named Kathy
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