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 Still in the Running— Foxstar's Campaign

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PostSubject: Still in the Running— Foxstar's Campaign   May 19th 2010, 7:45 am

Contrary to popular belief, I am still in the running. I admit that I haven't really been president in much of anything, except with the newspaper that I made that is very successful. I think that being the President of O.S.S would help me expand my horizons. I am responsible, reliable, and honest. Also, O.S.S was originally my idea, and I am one of the biggest posters. I admit that I haven't been on very much recently, but that is because, other than school, I have not been on the computer for much more than a half an hour. But being president of O.S.S will give me, and everyone else, an excuse to post more.

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Still in the Running— Foxstar's Campaign
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