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 Sam's story!

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PostSubject: Sam's story!   Sam's story! I_icon_minitimeJuly 28th 2009, 9:55 am

Chapter 1: On The Hunt (It's not even closed to finished though!)

Amber eyes flashed through the undergrowth. Gleaming white fangs shone in the moonlight. Lean, strong muscles rippled underneath luscioius black fur. Pawsteps were muffled by moist soil and baby ferns. Unaware of the pile of dead leaves in her path, Micaya, wolf of the shadows padded onward.


A head popped up. It was the elk Micaya had been stalking. Was it going to run? No. The elk put it's head back down to the bush it had been munching on. Micaya breathed a silent thanks to the gods. Micaya started forward again, avoiding pebbles and dry leaves. Unfortunatley, she couldn't see the vine of needle sharp thorns stretching accross her path. Too late, Micaya noticed it. But her paw was already closing down on a barbed thorn. She couldn't hold back a yelp, and the elk darted away. With a snarl, Micaya raced after it.

The elk crashed noisily and clumsily through the bushes while Micaya weaved stealthily between them. She had the advantage. The elk was tiring, while Micaya was still fresh and strong. She gained on the cow elk. Micaya resisted the urge to pounce, for she knew she would miss by a long shot. One, two, three more strides and she would leap.

Bunching her haunches, Micaya leaped upon the elk's back and fastened her teeth in the base of its neck. The hoofed animal started bucking, throwing it's head wildly this way and that. With one great rear, Micaya was thrown off. She landed with a muted thud and a snarl. Micaya brought her paws underneath her and raised herself into a standing position.

"Idiot," Micaya said aloud. The elk was facing her, a calm expression in it's deep brown eyes. Micaya raced to the elk, snarling viciously. Sinking her canines into the elks jugular felt so good. The heat flooded Micaya's mouth, thick and salty. It was a taste she had missed. Energy flowed into her body with the blood lust and Micaya dragged the elk to the dirt ground.

It struggled feebly, but Micaya fastened her teeth in it once more and the elks eyes glazed over. The light of life left it, and the black she-wolf was victorious. Lifting her blood-stained muzzle to the sky, Micaya opened her jaws and sung. She thanked the gods for the elks life and sung of her victory, so any wolf in range would know.

That was a big mistake on Micayas part. Little did she know, but this was a pack territory, and she had just stolen prey. Oblivious, Micaya craned her neck to take a bite of the elk, but before she could tear off a hunk of meat, a large form bowled her over. Another leaped on her back. They were wolves. Each much larger than Micaya. Teeth and claws glinting in the moonlight, Micaya fought. She fought like never before. There was three, clearly an uneven fight. Micaya noticed a like scent about all of them. The she-wolf finally realized her mistake; pack wolven.

Finally Micaya drove the wolves away from her. One faced Micaya, his battle-scarred face alight with fury. The other two wolves cirled Micaya and the brute. Both wolves stared at each other. Amber and gold eyes locked. A battle cry tore from Micayas maw and she leaped for the brujo. He hadn't been expecting this, and as Micaya crashed into him, he lost his balance and fell to the forest floor with a yelp. Micaya could see the pleading in his eyes, but payed no attention to it.

For the second time that night, Micaya sunk her teeth into warm neck flesh. They hit his jugular and Micaya backed away to let him bleed. He coughed and choked, but that only made the blood pour harder and faster. The male wolf looked over Micayas shoulder and his golden irises widened in fear before they closed forever. Dark red liquid stained the grassy earth. Micaya snarled at the other two wolves, who were cowering together, close to the ground.

"Who's next?" she hissed, malice free in her voice. The wolves continued shivering and whining, though intensified. I couldn't have scared them that much.. Micaya thought. On second thought, that's entirely possible.. Micaya chuckled once, a hard, cold laugh. A new scent flooded her nostrils and Micaya whipped around. Her amber eyes widened in astonishment. Before her stood a wolf. But not just any wolf. Micayas father.

"Z-zane?" Micaya stuttered. Her father had betrayed their old pack moons ago. "No... It can't be. YOU MONSTER!" Micayas voice was filled with rage and fury. Her amber eyes hardened to steel and she bared her fangs. Her father smiled in pleasure. Micaya was the wolf he had been searching for. His daughter, the hunter and the fighter.

With a flash of claws, Zane pinned Micaya down. She struggled, but it was no use. Zane was too strong. Feeling the muscle under the fur, Micaya gave up. Zane relaxed a little, relieved. But he underestimated his daughter. With a tremendous heave, Micaya threw her father off of her. Zane landed with a thud that knocked his breath from his lungs.

"Micaya," he breathed. His daughter padded over to him, no emotion showing in her eyes. Nothing but icy cold hatred. Micaya scented that the other two wolves were still in the clearing, watching the exchange with a cold light in their eyes. They became fearful when it looked like Micaya would win. No one had ever defeated Zane before. And yet, no one knew him like Micaya did.

"You betrayed Mother. You betrayed me and Kally and Piazu. And then you lead this... this ARMY to our camp and slaughter everyone! Even your mate and children. You're nothing but a cold hearted, ruthless monster. I wish you would die!" Micaya poured all of her feelings into her speech. Anger, betrayal, loss. Her voice shook with rage. Raw pain tugged at Micayas heart.

"I spared you," Zanes voice echoed off the trees.

"I would have rather died a hundred deaths than watch as my friends and familys throats were torn out in front of me!" No wolf could question the pure, icy hatred that fueled Micayas words. Zane struggled to get his breath back. He raised himself to his feet and took a hesitant step towards Micaya, adoration and love radiating from his eyes. "Get away from me!" Micaya seethed.

"Join my army!" Zane snarled. That statement brought Micaya up short. Disbelief glowed in her amber irises.

"Excuse me, I don't think I quite caught that," Micayas sarcasm broke through. It was what she was known for, hunting and fighting abilities aside. "Did you honestly just tell me to join your army?" Attitude dripped from Micayas voice. "You truly think that after all you have done, I'd actually join you?" Micaya knew her fathers tricks and kept her gaurd up, just in case.

Alrighty! That's it for now =]
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PostSubject: Re: Sam's story!   Sam's story! I_icon_minitimeNovember 17th 2009, 7:34 am

This is great, Sammy!
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PostSubject: Re: Sam's story!   Sam's story! I_icon_minitimeSeptember 19th 2010, 8:18 am

I'm not sure. I don't think you have to use BBC. Let me check.

Testing this thing. This has to be long so it will work. Really long. Maybe I should copy a paragraph. I thought that there would be more to the tomato mixture. When I put the tomatoes on top of the fish, I thought that the tomatoes would entirely cover the fish, but instead there was barely enough to put on. There was a lot of empty space on the fish, so I was somewhat worried. I also noticed that there were many lima beans, and I thought that there were too many. Tat was from some email I got in like December.

EDIT: I haven't found anything. Maybe you could google it.
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PostSubject: Re: Sam's story!   Sam's story! I_icon_minitime

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Sam's story!
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